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Melbourne airport taxi fare calculator

Welcome to the Melbourne Airport Taxi Fare Calculator! Our convenient tool allows you to estimate the fare for your taxi ride based on various factors, including flagfall, time taken, distance covered, toll roads, and different rate categories. We also provide information on surcharges for card payments, ensuring transparency and accuracy in calculating your total fare. Please input the required details below to get an estimate of your taxi fare.

Fare Calculation Factors:

  1. Flagfall: This is the initial charge for hiring a taxi.
  2. Time Taken: The total time taken for your journey.
  3. Distance Covered: The distance traveled during your ride.
  4. Toll Roads: Any toll charges incurred during the journey.

Rate Categories: We offer different rate categories based on the time of day and the day of the week to reflect varying demand and operational costs.

  1. Day Rates (9 am to 5 pm): Standard rates apply during weekdays.
  2. Night Rates (5 pm to 9 am): Higher rates are applicable during late evenings and early mornings.
  3. Weekend Rates (Saturday and Sunday, 10 pm to 4 am): Increased rates are in effect during weekends and late nights.

Card Payment Surcharge: If you choose to pay by debit/credit card or Cabcharge, a 4% surcharge will be added to the total taxi fare. This surcharge covers the transaction processing fees.

Here is a table outlining the maximum fare that can be charged for journeys in Metropolitan Melbourne, Frankston, Dandenong, and Mornington Peninsula:

Rate CategoryFlagfallDistance Charge/kmTime Charge/min
Day Rate$4.65$1.804$0.632
Overnight Rate$5.80$2.006$0.702
Peak Rate$6.90$2.208$0.773

Please note that distance charges apply when the vehicle speed is above 21km/h, while time charges apply when the vehicle speed is below 21km/h. The rates provided represent the maximum fares that can be charged for the respective rate categories in these areas.


Here is a table summarizing the additional charges and fees for taxi services:

High occupancy fee*$15.70
Holiday rate**Peak rate applies
Electronic payment – CPV specific devicesCharges must not exceed 6%
Electronic payment – other non-cash devicesCharges must not exceed 4%
CityLink and EastLink tollsPass-through toll charges
Airport rank feesPass-through fees for taxi ranks at airports
CPV levy recovery feePass-through fee to cover the cost of the Commercial Passenger Vehicle (CPV) levy

Please note that the high occupancy fee, holiday rate, electronic payment charges, tolls, airport rank fees, and CPV levy recovery fee may apply in addition to the base fare. The specific amounts may vary, and it is important to consult the official regulations and guidelines for accurate and up-to-date information regarding these charges.

What is the process for calculating taxi costs in Melbourne?

The calculation of taxi costs in Melbourne involves considering several factors to determine the final fare. These factors include flagfall, time taken, distance covered, toll roads, and rate categories. Additionally, a surcharge may apply for certain payment methods. The flagfall is the initial charge for hiring a taxi, while the time taken and distance covered contribute to the overall fare. Toll road charges are added if applicable, and different rate categories exist based on the time of day and day of the week. Finally, a surcharge of 4% is added for debit/credit card or Cabcharge payments. By taking these factors into account, taxi services in Melbourne ensure a fair and transparent calculation of taxi costs for passengers.

Who sets the taxi fare for Melbourne?

In Melbourne, the taxi fare is determined by the city or district authorities. They establish the official taxi tariffs, which were last set in September 2023 and published in the tariff ordinance. These set fares must be followed by all taxi drivers and companies operating within the designated area. To ensure fairness and consistency, taximeters in the taxis are calibrated according to these official rates. This helps maintain accurate fare calculations and prevents any overcharging or undercutting of fares.

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Thank you for using the Melbourne Airport Taxi Fare Calculator! Should you have any further questions or require assistance, please feel free to contact our customer support team.

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FAQ’s (have Questions ?)

How do I book Airport Taxi Melbourne? plus minus

To book a Melbourne Airport Taxi pick-up and drop off ,simply visit website ,enter all personal details, pick up and drop off details, flight details such as flight number and arrival time.Confirm the booking and our reliable taxi service will ensure a timely pick-up upon your arrival. Travel with ease – book your Melbourne Airport pick-up today !

Are your taxis cleaned and sanitized regularly? plus minus

Absolutely, our taxis are cleaned and sanitized regularly to prioritise the health and safety of our passengers. We adhere to stringent cleanliness protocols to provide a secure and hygienic travel experience.

What areas of Melbourne do you provide services to? plus minus

We provide taxi services throughout Melbourne, including trips to Melbourne Airport, Avalon Airport, inner suburbs of Melbourne, Melbourne CBD, tourist destinations, restaurants and bars, hospitals , Shopping centres, and Train stations.

Do you charge any booking fees or cancellation fees? plus minus

No, We do not charge any booking fees or cancellation fees. It is advisable to cancel a booked taxi atleast 8 hours prior for the convenience of the taxi driver.

How is the fare calculated? plus minus

Our standard taxi meter calculates the fare based on the taxi hiring flag fall, distance travelled and the time taken to reach your destination. Please note that we charge different rates for day (9am to 5pm ), evening ( 5pm to 9 am ).

Do you provide Tax Invoice Receipts? plus minus

Yes, We provide tax invoice receipts after you have made the payment for your taxi fare. You can use these receipts for reimbursement or other purposes.

Is Safety a priority for a Taxi Company? plus minus

Yes, Safety is our top priority. Our taxis are equipped with state- of -the -art security cameras for passenger and driver safety.We believe in providing you with peace of mind during your journey so that you travel with confidence.

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